Weco Wallcoverings is a renowned  wallpaper supplier for digitally printed wallpaper murals and borders. We are specialized in producing, cutting, packaging and finalizing digitally printed wallpaper products for a wide variety of customers throughout the world. With over 20 years experience and a great team of dedicated professionals, Weco Wallcoverings can get the job done. Whether it’s a small contract project for a restaurant or office, a large volume job for the hotel industry or general residential wallpaper prints, we can handle every order.
With our professional printing techniques, our beautiful high-end materials, the extensive field expertise and your inspiring and creative ideas we can create a beautiful end product that will look amazing on every wall.
Also, the materials that we use are unique in a sense that they have been created and formed special for large volume wallpaper printing. This makes it possible for Weco Wallcoverings to deliver project based orders with a considerable amount of square meters in small amount of time. Ideal for the fast pace projects or projects in need of a short delivery time.