Frequently asked questions

How do you order wallpapers with us?

Standard sized collection items can be ordered by sending a purchase order to our inbox. These standard sized items are wallpapers that do not need customization and will always have a fixed size. These can either be references from your collection that you print with us or our own collection items.
 Custom sizes 
Printing images in customizable sizes is our specialty. Whether it be images from a collection book or images that you send to us, we can print it, provided that the image is suitable for these dimensions.
There are two ways to order customized murals with us, either by emailing your inquiry and/or sending the digital file to custom inbox


Delivery and Leadtimes

We prefer to send packages with a parcel delivery service using the account number of the customer. The customer can request their own delivery time and price with the transport company. If this is some how not possible, then we can arrange the shipment. The shipping cost will be charged to the customer. The costs and delivery time are highly dependent on the destination, carrier and service selected. Detailed information is available on request via e-mail.

What is the general lead time of an order?

Our lead-times can vary between 3-10 working days depending on the material that your order is printed on. Our normal basic non-woven materials have the quickest leadtimes whilst our special project materials take longer to produce.
For more information concerning leadtimes visit our materials page on our website (

Using own images

What is the best resolution for printing?

Depending on how large you would like to print an image, we prefer to use a simple golden rule: 2000 x 2000 pixels (width and height) for every square meter that will be printed.

I need help with editing an image, can we ask for your help?

We are always willing to help you with editing any images you have, or images you use from our collections.

Which image formats can I use?

The following image formats are possible: jpeg, tiff, pdf, Photoshop file format (up to Photoshop version CC), Illustrator file format (up to illustrator version CC).Please note: If you are using our upload section in our wallpaper application, Only jpeg files are possible.
I would like to send large files. What method should I use?
Wetransfer is the number one transfer service we usually use. Large files up to 2 gigabytes can be sent in one time.

 Information about our wallpapers

All our high-quality materials are printed using a non-woven backing which makes the products noticeably stronger and more durable compared to normal wallpaper (paper backing). This makes our products dimensionally more stable to a degree to which it will not stretch or shrink.


What materials do we have?

Visit our materials page by clicking on the following link


All our wallpapers are certified with the BS1,d0 (European) fire-certification.

Further material information

Panels are manufactured in various widths. If the pattern or image reaches across more than one panel, several strips are rolled into one reel next to each other. All panels are identified by a number on their top side. These panels must be applied in numerical order from left to right. As a rule, each panel to follow has been turned through 180˚ to avoid any possible differences in color. If you do not intend to use the entire height and/or width of the pattern, it is recommended to select in advance which section to use and where to start. If possible, panels should be placed flat on the ground first.
Prior to use, please check the wall for possible defects or damage.
We do not accept any liability for strips once they have been attached to the wall.