Matt non-woven 155 grams / m2

matt non-woven wallpaper is a dimensionally stable product that is most commonly used for the residential market. The base is made out of a fabric-like material made from long fibers, bonded together by a heat treatment. This process creates a mesh that bonds the wood fibers tightly together making the product extremely durable. The matt non-woven is made without textured embossing and an additional protective varnish (heavy metal free) is added for extra washability and scrub resistance.

Aqua Sand 185 grams / m2

Aqua Acrylic is a non-woven 130 gr/m2 non-pvc substrate with a 50gr/m2 top layer that gives the wallpaper surface a beautiful textured effect. All murals are coated with a water based varnish that will provide extra washability and scratch resistance. The coating will add an additional 4-6 grams to the top layer and is completely free of any heavy metals. The Aqua Acrylic top layer is an water based natural latex, a milky fluid produced by the rubber tree.