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Big changes are happening within our company the upcoming months that are exciting and innovative all the same. With our daughter and production company Digitus Print moving together into the same building as Weco and the purchase of a new Xeikon 8500 printer at the end of the year, you can say that these are events that do not happen very often. Because of this strategic move, we will be capable of streamlining our internal workflow between both companies, from printing to finishing. Making the production and automated process even more fine tuned than it already was.

The last seven years have been great, surprising and they have been exceptionally filled with amazing opportunities. Weco has been operational for seventeen years but our actual photo mural product has been on the market for seven years, making this time such a wonderful and interesting period in our company. Now it’s time to open a new chapter of the Weco book.

Big changes

The Xeikon 8500 digital printer

We are leveling up from the Xeikon 5000 to the Xeikon 8500, but what exactly will be different?

Image quality and color consistency
A very important factor of this upgrade will be the improved image quality and color consistency of our wallpaper products. With a higher print resolution output (1200dpi) and a improved image raster, each print will be finer and edges will be smoother compared to our current printer. This difference will be exceptionally noticeable with vector prints because these image are defined by shapes with hard edges.

The color consistency on the other hand is the most important aspect of points mentioned above. With our current Xeikon 5000 printer, the toner is fed into the printer from one side, which in turn could be the cause of a slight color difference on both sides of a wallpaper panel. With the new Xeikon 8500 printer, the toner is fed from both sides of the printer, preventing any color difference between the left and right sides of the panel. This is a very important attribute for customers that would like to print normal, conventional wallpaper patterns with the help of digital printing techniques.
Another important point is that the new Xeikon 8500 is far more accurate in color consistency between batch production. So for instance, if you where to print a single batch of wallpaper in the one week, the color would be easier to match with a different batch in the week after.

50 cm paper width

We will now be able to print our wallpaper products with a width of 50 cm, which for most, is much more appealing than our current 46,5 cm paper width.
From the start of next year (January 2015), all of the new digital wallpaper collections will be sold according to this paper width. Older collections that where sold using 46,5 cm paper width will continue to be printed and finished using the old paper width.

QA-P Dry toner

With the new QA-P Dry toner, the color output range will be noticeable wider than with our current FA toner, making printed colors much stronger and appealing if needed for your wallpaper products.

Building Renovations

To accompany these changes, we have also decided to renovate our facade and restyle our company logo, as you have noticed recently. Our production company Digitus Print will be moving into the same building as Weco, this will make production time even more quicker than it was.
For customers that work with Digitus Print, please note the following address change (from December 2014)

Digitus Print B.V.
Handelsweg 33a
7461 JJ Rijssen
Tel visit the site. 0548 542145