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Reason of change

We realized in a sense that it was time to evolve and develop a cleaner, more user friendly website that makes it possible to view it on every browser platform visit this site. Our previous website was at first glance a beautiful flash based website, except it lacked so much functionality that it was time for us to change.

Whats new?

Basically everything has become much more cleaner and our branding style has changed about 80% to a more professional feel and look.  Our web application which customizes murals from our collections has been built into our new website, when before it was a separate link to a different server. The functionality has increased tremendously making it so much easier for us to keep our clients up to date and informed throughout the year, with news and email updates about our new and upcoming collections.

New email

We have switched to a different email server, which means that our main email address is currently, replacing our old email address Please try to send all new emails to our new address.
Ofcourse we will still recieve emails via our old email address, so don’t worry if you accidently send one to it.