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Book size: 320 x 340 mm
Amount of pages: 76
Amount of items 60

Collection description

Book Due by Weco B.V. tells you something about the fantasy and imagination of people. These are fantasies, that by applying new ideas on a wall are brought to life. A long lasting wallpaper experience! This collection lends access to a complete redecoration of walls and interiors. The first thing that will come to mind in this book, is the diversity of interiors that differ, from classic till modern.
This new manner of restyling walls, brought to you by Digital walls, is a indispensable and heart warming pleasure in your home. Uninteresting walls are brought to life and express our feelings with designs or photos, which contribute to a totally new metamorphosis in you home.
Fantasy and sense of feeling often clash with one another, when brought together in a determining dicision. By bringing these two aspects into a synoptic picture, discision making is made easier for you. These new techniques and materials determin a new dimension in wallcoverings for your interior