Photo mural customization

Each new customer receives a login for our wallpaper tool. This allows our clients to customize images from our collections or their own, with any size possible. It is also possible to upload your own images to print as a photo mural, in any size you want. It is a perfect method for quick customization and a flawless workflow without errors.

Step 1



After recieving your login information, enter your e-mail address and password to login to our wallpaper application.

Step 2

Upload or choose an image


There are two methods to choose from when ordering a custom mural. Method one is the upload feature that allows you to
order using your own images. Method two gives you the option to order using our/your collection images.

Step 3

Crop your image


After uploading or choosing an image you can input your preferred size in centimeters and crop this image to your liking

Step 4

Finalize order


After filling out the required infomation, your order can be placed. It is also possible to send a preview of the order, which you can later finalize after client approval.



Look at our guide

We have created a very convenient guide which explains our wallpaper application thoroughly. Download it here